A government once again

Particularly within the 5 years of the 6 year period AKP has been in power it has practically shown the most successful economical performance in the last 20 years.

While inflation was swimming around 70 percent in 1995 to 2001, with this government it fell to around 10 percent. Between the years of 2001-2007 the average accruement was 7.6 percent.

In this way, in the recent years Turkey became one the fastest developing countries. In the last few months this luminous economical performance began to rapidly shrink.
Perhaps were the ones who connected the success of the last 5 years to the flow rate of the global stocks increasing markets right?
After the elections on the 22nd of July, first AKP lost its 'reformer' identity, then it began to lose its initiative on a number of topics, and as for in the 'great economical crisis' they were left dumbstruck like a 'headlight shone into the eyes of a rabbit'.
Everyone is now link-minded on the fact that the world is facing the biggest seen 'economical depression' since 1929.
In such a crisis like this the whole world economies will be affected negatively to different degrees.
This is natural, but while the whole world is attacking the crisis with the same diagnostic, and when credence is supposed to be given to the markets, it is hard to give an explanation of why such 'contradictory statements' were given and to give an image of the 'case of lethargy' to this extent.
The government must shake itself off and start working as a government once again.
It might be useful for the prime minister to revise his general economy staff and his consultants.
And as for the revising, he could start with the ones who can give him a statement that 'crisis has exceeded its summit and that now it is landing' at such a time when the crisis is increasingly deepening.

Gürkan Zengin