Biography of Gürkan Zengin

Gürkan Zengin was born in Ankara in 1968. He started his career at TRT news department in 1989, right after he graduated from University of Ankara with communications major.

He became one of the reporters of first private TV channel of Turkey, STAR TV. Later on, He was in establishment body of ATV in Ankara.

After he served as a reporter, an editor and a news director for ten years in Ankara, he moved to Istanbul to pursue his career in 2000.

Following years, he became the head of news department at CNNTURK, in 2007. At this channel, He has hosted his own show called “The Editor” for ten years. Later, he started working for Channel 24.

Today, Gürkan Zengin continues his career as the director of news, economy and sports departments of Al Jazeera Turk, which is still under the establishment process.

Gürkan Zengin is the author of the books called “HOCA- Davutoglu effect over Turkish foreign policy,”*  and  KAVGA- Turkish Foreign policiy  during Arap Spring which were  published by the Inkilap publications in November 2010. and June 2013.

He is married to Arzu Zengin who is also a journalist, and he has two kids.