Diyarbakir and the PKK

For DTP to lose Diyarbakir would mean for the PKK to lose efficiency within the region.

If the organizations votes continue to wither away, the representation crises that they are already living will even more deepen.

In fact some of the western countries that look to the PKK with sympathy, the image in their mind of 'the PKK's being the Kurds voice' will utterly deteriorate.

The PKK is aware of these.

This is why for some time now they have been trying to rise the tension upon the election road. The raid to Aktutun, the attack to the police car in Diyarbakir and the closing of the window shutting actions as a threat were all directed towards this objective. The organization knows that if the tension is ascended polarization will also increase. And as polarization increases the votes in Diyarbakir will be looked at as the cities garbage and will not be used.

Generally the Southeast and in particular Diyarbakir is open to all sorts of provocations. This is why the road that goes to the March elections is filled with mines.

The terrorism actions that the PKK has done fort he past 30 years has once again reminded Turkey of its Kurdish problem. Nowadays the greatest obstacle in solving the Kurdish problem is the PKK themselves.

A region within its public opinion that is constantly increasing, it has been made obvious that it the fight against terrorism is not limited in size.

Turkey is discussing its seek for solution with genuine sincerity.

Let it not be acknowledged wrong that the organization is content with these arguments and these pursuits. These are not the pursuits and discussions that please the PKK administrators.

Nowadays the discussions that they are pleased with are done more in the MHP and the CHP group meetings.

Gürkan Zengin