Firstly a Reconciliation

The new chief of general staff started his mission with new hopes.

He went to the southeast and talked with the non-governmental organizations... The strategists that oriented criticism towards the current policies in Ankara listened long and took notes.

The new chief of general staff is preparing new plans but he hasn't said anything new.

The prescription that the army has put in front of the government does not enclose 'anything new'.

Will the government that has named this problem as the 'Kurdish problem' accept this new prescription?

We shall see tomorrow.

However if the problem is not diagnosed correctly, it will also be impossible for the treatment to be right. The Kurdish problem consists of a plenty of dimensions. The fight against terrorism is just one of them.

The government is aware of this but it does not have to courage nor the might to do the necessary!

There is no national reconciliation in Turkey in order to solve this problem. Neither is there within the parliament nor without the parliament.

Nor is there is any "political teams" to produce this reconciliation.

Till political and military parties emerge to show this bravery and sagacity, this wound shall continue to bleed.

Gürkan Zengin