Israel is facing reality

Looking at the developments that have taken place in the last 72 hours we can say that Israel is starting to see the "facts of life." I am not talking about the UN Security Council's harsh condemnation of Israel, the pressure put on Israel to release those who were in detention or the pressure imposed on Egypt to open the "Rafah border" to Gaza, which it keeps closed because of pressure from srael.

Israel has started to pay the price for "messing" with Turkey, less than 72 hours after the incident occurred. It has already humiliated itself. The points mentioned above are initial evidence of this. Israel is paying the price for misreading the new "geopolitical facts" of the Middle East.

This is how things work. This incident has shown the entire world the difference between "managing a state" and "acting like bandits." Those who can't fulfill the responsibility of being a state have no right to raise a flag.

It seems Israel is going to face consequences for some time to come.

Pay close attention to the sentences in the statements that were issued by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan following his telephone conversation with President Barack Obama. "Israel is facing the risk of losing its only friend in the Middle East, that has made the most contributions to regional peace until now. The steps that it will take in the coming days will determine its position in the region."

This message indicates that if Israel continues to act like a bandit, its position in the region will be re-evaluated. Take note that this announcement was made after an hour-long conversation with the US president.

Israel a headache for Obama
In a meeting of his party's parliamentary group, Erdoğan said: "This incident is a milestone. Nothing will be the same after this." We hope this is true. The "shortcut" to finding a solution to problems in this region on a reasonable platform is for the White House to say, "That's enough" to Israel.

The Obama administration cannot uphold a global mission by "protecting a rogue state." We will see if it realizes this situation and whether it will be able to take the necessary steps. If the Obama administration has not been able to provide a "meaningful contribution" to global peace during its year-and-a-half in the White House, it is because of the "Israel factor."

It is evident that Obama will not be able to make progress if he tries to keep Israel happy and does not do or say anything that will upset her. The state terror that we saw in the Mediterranean has ruined the international reputation of the Obama administration.

The entire world knows that if Iran had committed this kind of thuggish act in the Persian Gulf, America would ensure that all hell broke loose. The difference between the attitude America would have in that kind of a case and the attitude America has today is ruining the Obama administration's reputation in the Muslim world.

You can talk about a "model partnership" in Ankara and communicate messages of peace and compromise to the Muslim world in Cairo, but it's your attitude on the killing of 1,400 people in 22 days, the starvation of 1.5 million people and the act of banditry in the middle of open waters that will determine your meaningfulness and value.

You cannot be a leader in the world by trying to have the murderer investigate the murder.

The world is different now. Ten years ago the US could shape the world by itself. But things are different today. An American administration that succumbs to Israel's bratty, capricious, arrogant and rogue behavior cannot have "superpower impact" in the Middle East.

Was it about to have that impact in Afghanistan? In Palestine? Or in Iran?

American administrators should read the book "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," penned by Harvard professors, over and over again and then take the necessary steps. Otherwise, words will have no meaning in the geography spanning from Morocco to Pakistan. The only force that has a positive "message and image" in many respects in the eyes of people who live in this geography is Turkey. It is against America's own interests to neglect Turkey and rush to Israel's defense. The outcome of events that have happened are evidence of this. If they don't believe us, then they can ask Gen. David Petraeus.

Moreover, this degree of "strategic blindness" would even leave the crows in the White House yard surprised.