Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu had 25 hours of negotiations with his Iranian counterparts in Tehran during his visit that lasted 30 hours.

The headscarf ban should be no more

Turkey can no longer live with this shame. It will certainly get rid of it.

Talking with the PKK

It is also wrong to assume that these talks with Öcalan, being carried out to the knowledge of the general public, means the end of the PKK terror. This talk may only be considered as a start

The Case of the AKP’ and the Felicity situation

The seniors of the SP were unable to tolerate Kurtulmuş’s reformist and independent politics.

Turkey cannot set up a missile defense system against Iran

Mullen’s request, which was “problematic” for Turkey, was regarding Iran

Orientalist stereotypes and Turkish foreign policy

How can you explain to Western and local intellectuals who are used to looking at Turkey through Orientalist glasses that the AK Party is not an “Islamist” party?

The elephant in the room and the rope extended to Israel

There is a process taking place. A “formal apology” and “compensation” are next.

In the aftermath of the council

They say “The real salvation of a country occurs through its salvation from its saviors.” It’s high time for this to happen for Turkey.

Managing terror and mass psychology

Controlling “mass psychology” is not the Dörtyol chief of police’s job. We cannot leave it up to him.

Important ground in the CHP transformation: The Kurdish problem

His meeting with Erdoğan may be a beginning for Kılıçdaroğlu.

Yes, we must live together!

Surely Turkey is free to discuss everything. However, there is a method, manner and timing for the discussion of everything.

As we wait for the Obama- Netanyahu meeting

This meeting will be more decisive for the Turkish-American relationship than the Obama-Erdoğan meeting in Toronto.

Axis change or paradigm imprisonment?

There is no change in axis in Turkey, but there is, in the words of Osman Ulugay, a “paradigm imprisonment” among some of our intellectuals.

The collapse of the UN order

An insistence on sanctions despite this proves to be nothing more than a diversion from the real issue at hand.

Israel is facing reality

Israel has started to pay the price for “messing” with Turkey, less than 72 hours after the incident occurred.

Russia’s vision problem

It appears as though, at least for the time being, Moscow’s vision is insufficient for more advanced cooperation.

Hakan Fidan at the helm of MİT

The Fidan era will serve to help the MİT complete the institutional and psychological process of becoming more civic and civilian.

The elephant in the room and Turkish foreign policy

When the “focus” of the events is wrong, the “picture” becomes limited and misleading as well

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Firstly a Reconciliation

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Remembering Ecevit

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