President Aliyev Needs To Have a 'Vision'

His father, Haydar Aliyev was one the shrewd politicians of the defunct Soviet empire. He was a man who could make extremely flexible diplomatic manoeuvers without forcing the sensitive and fragile political balances of the region. He took the country away from that chaotic period during which, even the vitality of independence of Azerbaijan was not certain, and he played the oil card in his hand geniously and established sound relations with the Western world.

The main competitive field in the Caucasia between Russia, Iran and Turkey is the land of Azerbaijan. The 'Armenian factor' has been used as a tool by Russia and Iran against Turkey and Azerbaijan. If Mr.Aliyev doesn't know this, then it means he knows nothing.
For him it is a pity that he could not comprehend Turkey's new and positive steps towards Armenia are in interest of both Turkey and Azerbaijan.
It would suit him to act in a realist way like his father, not in the way of romanticism as previously did Mr. Ebulfez Elçibey, his father's rival.

Gürkan Zengin