The Circle is Narrowing down for the PKK

Even if the Kurdish problem is essentially arising from the 'inside', for a solution the 'regulations inside' are not going to be enough is quite obvious.

Concurrently this is also a 'regional problem' and par of the solution is 'outside'.

To this day like the actors Barzani and Talabani have not taken satisfying steps in towards finding a solution for this problem.

However, nowadays when America is preparing to retreat from Iraq, it seems as though that the Kurdish groups have begun to question the PKK'S presence in that region in terms of their own interests again.

Nowadays, rhetoric's of Ankara-Baghdad-Arbil and an 'International Kurdish Conference' in Washington is being frequently heard lately.

The things that Talabani told CNN TURK'S reporter Osman Sert shows that the preparation of this work is being continued.

Talabani says that, "the Kurdish must explain to the PKK that the armed struggle era is the past".

On the Mesut Barzani wing there is yet to be a clear message that has reflected on the public, however it is understood that they are supporting this venture.

If the PKK does not put an end to their terrorist activities, a solution to ostracize the PKK may come into question.

It was quite salient for the DTP right on this conjuncture to bundle up and hurry off to İrbil and Suleymaniye to make negotiations with Barzani and Talabani.

Within this frame, there will also be steps that Turkey is going take. In the next month, TRT will be airing a channel that will be broadcasting in Kurdish for 24 hours.

Maybe after the local elections a path can be seen for a new 'returning home law' to be constituted.

If these efforts and initiatives are successful, a separation of roads may be seen for the PKK in 2009.

The jeremiads Ocalan did that reflected on the notes of his last meeting he did with his lawyers shows that they were quite vain.

Gürkan Zengin