The elephant in the room and the rope extended to Israel

No matter who says what, Turkey is continuing to make Israel pay for its banditry on the Mediterranean Sea. The state of Israel is paying the price for the logic and for the law and morality defying aggression against the Mavi Marmara. And it will continue to do so.

A high-level Turkish diplomat had said to me and a group of journalists a few months ago, regarding a commission to be set up by the United Nations to investigate the attack, that it would be a rope extended to a lunatic who had climbed up a tree, adding, "If Israel has any intelligence, it will hold on to this rope and come down from the tree." What he was referring to was quite obvious.
The Israeli government cannot cover up the crime it has committed. Nor can it run away from its responsibilities in this matter. Either it will accept its crime through the internal investigation it will conduct and apologize to Turkey and pay compensation, or it will do the same things through the United Nations. There is no other way of solving this matter.

In the words of the same diplomat, this open homicide committed against Turkish citizens cannot be forgotten by Turkey, nor will Turkey let it be forgotten. If a state is to call itself a state, then it can't simply accept such losses and move on.

Israel has this time come to understand that it is facing a tough opponent and that it does not have the luxury of violating international law nor blatantly and violently ignoring human rights. First it was forced to release the people it "hijacked" just as it was prepared to put them on trial. Then it gave up on resisting the UN commission before returning the ships to Turkey.

There is a process taking place. A "formal apology" and "compensation" are next.

The Israeli government should stop with the ridiculousness exhibited during the investigation in its own country and issue a formal apology before paying compensation to families of the victims.

Just examine the words of Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, who said his "soldiers were facing death" and that they had therefore used "proportional force." According to him, they displayed "cool-headedness, courage and morality."

He tells three lies in two sentences. If the perpetrator conducts the investigation, this is kind of result that will come about.

Furthermore, they tell these lies while looking the world straight in the eye. The troubled mindset that ordered this attack is now ridiculing the intelligence of the world's public.

The Israeli government is "falling apart" and is not even aware of it.

The panel mission at the UN

The UN established a commission to investigate Israel's tyrannical act in the Mediterranean Sea. It is called a "panel" because it aims to investigate the matter from all angles and bring forth different angles instead of "making a decision."


This panel will examine the elephant in the room and check its ears and tail and then unveil "different understandings" which hold the opinion that it is in fact not an elephant.

And in the end this "panel" has been established to protect the rights of unarmed civilians who were attacked with weapons by Israeli soldiers while in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Is it possible for the panel at the UN to surrender to Israeli pressure and attempt to take part in the same foolishness as Israel?

If justice prevails rather than tyranny, then this "panel" will not be able to overlook the elephant in the room.

The banditry of Israel toward the Mavi Marmara ship was able to demonstrate that the new Middle Eastern geopolitical balance at the hands of the fanaticism that has overtaken the Israeli government has not been interpreted correctly. We hope that the period following it will teach the Israeli cabinet the "realities of life."

Otherwise Israel will have many lessons to learn.

14 August 2010, Saturday