The PKK will not cease fire

There is no point in imagining or unnecessarily elevating expectations. The PKK will not cease fire; will not come done from the mountains.
The precautions that the Northern Iraqi Kurdish leaders said that they will take will not assure Turkey of the steps it's going to take.
Forasmuch the PKK has turned into an 'organization that lives for itself' for a long time.
Its objective is conspicuous: To free Ocalan.
Regardless of what ever its statements may be, its main goal is this.
Nowadays the 'PKK' purification plan is being talked about again.
The international society may have a couple of ways in besieging the Kurdish groups at Northern Iraq and the organization.
If you are putting your goal as to 'bringing down the PKK from the mountains' and 'disarming' them, surely means that you are hallucinating.
The organization shall not do this upon its own acquiescence; there is also no chance in forcing them to do this in the consideration of land provisions.
Well then what should Turkey do?
There are two ways in effectively striving with the PKK: Within and without of Turkey, striving with 'right methods' against the organization upon the mountains. And, while doing this is by taking concrete yet cautious steps along the road towards solving the Kurdish problem.
The only way in marginalizing the organization is by 'diminishing the public support' that keeps it alive.
Turkey should abandon arguing this issue as an 'organization focal point'.
It is obvious as to where the solution passes through: To fight the organization yet win over the Kurdish!

Gürkan Zengin