The place we have come in 85 years

According to the 2007/2008 United Nations Human Development's index, among 177 countries Turkey is at the 84th rank. Even Greece is 60 steps above Turkey.
This should not have been the place came in 85 years.
There may be those who say 'we did the best we can but this all we were able to do' but they can not be telling the truth.
The reason is simple: Especially in the last 50 years' important chapters Turkey was misgoverned.
Relatively our underdevelopment roots are quite deep but this can be said: Within these 50 years, like bread and water what Turkey needed was 'stabilization', political and economical stabilization.
24 years of the 42 year period between 1960 and 2002 was passed with coalitions and 6 of it were passed with juntas. Only 12 years of this era was passed with a one party rule.
It is grueling to seize and protect consistency within this geography; may be right but how much the countries civil military bureaucracy exerted effort for the sake of it can be questioned.
With a Turkey that has not retrieved peace within religion-government-society relationships, it will consequently continue to always be faced with mines. And because of the wound of the Kurds that has been bleeding for 25 years and the current secular debates that impeded the state of law from settling and somehow the with or without tanks that have liaised with these have always been the reason why these problems, the religion-government-society relationships that were not able to make peace between them were lived and that are still arise.
Maybe there is no need to be pessimistic, because while even Turkey is struggling with these problems it is Europe's sixth largest economy. It is the only democratic secular country in the Islamic world. It owns a young and a comparatively true-bred manpower.
Nevertheless let's not forget; from time to time the public is in recognition of the politicians that muddled through; that not with the courageous steps taken but because of the voting scores the populist decisions they gave and with infertile political controversies making the country relatively fall behind.
Histories and the future generations' hands are at the grasp of his collar.

Gürkan Zengin