To be a 'hodja' to be a 'minister'

Ahmet Davutoglu is Turkey's new Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In the December of 2002 when Turkey's Foreign Affairs Iraqi-Cyprus-EU files plunged into a dark endless tunnel, Ahmet hodja is a name that succored and took the government out of this dark tunnel and to top that he also opened 'new frontiers' for foreign politics and for the staff that carried out these politics.
The head of the AKP government Abdullah Gul and Tayyıp Erdogan could never repay Ahmet Davutoglu for the help he has given.
For those all who a own conscientious and see where he has brought Turkish Foreign Policies will all remunerate Ahmet Davutoglu.
For those who all know why and under what terms Davutoglu accepted the request will now be puzzled to why he accepted the 'ministry of foreign affairs' position.
After bearing an endless number of difficulties for six years at the cost of not moving his house to Ankara, and resisting in becoming an 'Ankara resident', why is he giving in now?
Working as Turkey's de facto 'national security consultant' and a person who is able to have influence upon the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, why and under what terms is Ahmet Davutoğlu accepting the job?
For those who are closely acquainted with the Hodja, in no way whatsoever give the probability of him accepting the position under 'human frailty' a chance.
Well then? In what observations were influential in this proposal being done to the Hodja, and in him accepting it are quite arguable.
In appearance, what ever the reason may be, a 'beyond retrieve road' was entered. Yet, nonetheless let us still put forward our statement: This 'assignment' was not a 'felicitous' move neither for AKP nor for Davutoglu.
Ahmet Davutoglu has paid his remorses, has put out the fire on the field, and has given a new vision to foreign policies. Namely the mission has been essentially completed. The continuation of the services and the mission are books to be written and published after the Strategic Abyss.
There will always be a person to fulfill the Ministry of Foreign Affairs position. But for those books to be delayed would mean a loss of time for the country and the next generations.

Gürkan Zengin